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Feehely Gastaldi Home Page - Alliston and Tottenham Law Offices

Feehely Gastaldi Barristers and Solicitors are a Leading Provider of Counsel for Real Estate Law, Wills and Powers of Attorney, Municipal Law, Civil Litigation, Employment Law, Corporate Law, Construction Liens and Estates

Trusted, Innovative Legal Counsel

With law offices in Alliston and Tottenham, the lawyers at Feehely Gastaldi have been proudly serving our community since 1975


5 Mill Street East

PO Box 370
Tottenham ON   
L0G 1W0     
PH: 905.936.4262

FX: 905.936.5102


2 Victoria Street East

PO Box 339

Alliston ON

L9R 1V6   
PH: 705.435.4386

FX: 705.435.9256