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About The Firm

Feehely Gastaldi About the Firm - Alliston and Tottenham Law Offices

In 1975 James J. Feehely opened his first law practice in partnership with John Ritchie. The firm, known as Ritchie Feehely, opened their first office in Tottenham. Over forty years later, the Tottenham office is still a vital part of the

community. In 2021 the firm completely renovated and moved into the building at 7 Mill Street East, next door to their original location. 

Feehely Gastaldi Alliston Law Offie

In 1978 the firm welcomed Paul Gastaldi as a new associate and expanded their practice to a second location in Beeton. In 1979 the firm expanded again and opened an office in the heart of Alliston's downtown. With the successful expansion to Alliston, the firm closed the Beeton office in the early 1980s. In 1982, John Ritchie relocated his practice to Toronto and the firm became Feehely Gastaldi. Over time the firm has grown, adding two more partners - Jerry Switzer in 1989

and Colleen Butler in 2007. The practice grew in 2015 as 

Peter McKenna joined the firmas an associate, and again

in 2020 as they welcomed their newest associate,

Neelam Aujla. Each office now proudly employs six

support staff members and three lawyers.

With a long history in our community and the drive and expertise for continued success in the future, the lawyers and staff at Feehely Gastaldi are committed to providing both professional excellence and personal service to their clients.

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Employment Law

In The Community

At Feehely Gastaldi we believe in giving back to the community that we serve, and we are proud supporters of local groups and fundraisers. Thank you to all the people involved in these organizations that make these events, and our community, so successful.

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